If you’ve ever gone to a networking event, you’ll know about the little (and sometimes not so little) spiel that everyone has about themselves, their business and why you should work with them.

Here’s the complete and unabridged version of mine.

The bit about why you should choose to work with me

A little while ago, I asked my clients what they liked about working with me. (A horrifyingly embarrassing exercise for someone who habitually shrugs off compliments with a nervous laugh, but there you go.) Here’s what they said.

I bring clarity to everything I write

I’ll never choose to use the pretty but pointless phrase over the plain and simple phrase. The pretty but pointless phrase might make your customers smile but it’s the plain and simple phrase that will get them to buy.

I’m naturally curious

I’ll ask lots of questions so I can understand where you’re coming from but I’ll also get to grips with complicated concepts quickly so briefing me isn’t a soul-destroying experience.

I’m experienced

I’ve been writing copy for nearly 20 years, so I know what I’m doing.

I’m capable

I’ll write you the website that will convert more of your visitors. I’ll write the leaflet that gets people on the phone. I’ll write the corporate responsibility brochure that captures your essence as a business. I’ll write you the white paper that demonstrates your expertise. I’ll write you the award entry that will bag you that award. I’ll write you the step by step instructions that tell customers how to use your product. I’ll write you the information handbook that documents all your business processes for new members of staff. Basically, if it involves words, I’m the woman you need.

I’m just a nice person to have on board

A good sounding board, a good listener and a trusted partner.

But if you pushed me for a reason why you should work with me, I think the most compelling reason is this. Several of my clients have been with me since the start of my part time copywriting days in 2004. That must say something, mustn’t it?

Catherine is the most approachable and helpful person. She is creative and conscientious and will provide you with various copy options with literally award winning results.

Emma Lawton, HŪF®

A client told us they had invited us in to discuss their project because of our website. They said it spoke to them in a language they could understand and that it had a strong sense of flow throughout. So thank you for all your work.

Alex Coppock, Communion Architects
Member of the Professional Copywriters' Network

The bit about me

I love words and I always have done. I love the power that words have to inform, inspire, entertain, persuade. They’re some of the most important tools we have and it’s my mission to help you make the most of them.

Let me tell you a little bit about where I come from.

I could never claim my journey to where I am today was planned, but when you look at it as a whole, a definite theme starts to emerge.

My degree was in English Language and Literature and I spent the first part of my career in publishing. I was a marketing manager for three publishers, probably the most famous of which was Oxford University Press.

The experiences I had gave me three things.

They gave me a thorough grounding in the principles of marketing, which turned out to be vital now I use words to help businesses to grow.

They showed me that the only aspect of marketing I truly loved was the bit that involved writing the materials we were going to use, which gave me a sense of direction for my future career.

And they taught me that being someone else’s employee was never going to work, which told me that sooner or later I’d have to run my own business.

The next step was a kind of halfway house. I moved to a web design agency and was a web copywriter for half the week. The other half, I was a freelance copywriter.

Working in a web design agency gave me some great web copywriting skills, but the desire to run my own business full time never went away.

So in 2012 I finally took the plunge and launched Pippin Consultancy.

Today, I work with business owners, marketing directors and account directors. I give business owners writing expertise that helps them to improve their marketing and grow their business as well as give them back time they can spend on other things. I give marketing directors and account directors a flexible, friendly, proactive and professional outsourcing option.

The bit about me as a person

And as for the person outside work? Well, I live in Ledbury in Herefordshire with my partner and his two sons. When I’ve had a glass of wine (it only takes one these days), I’ll bore you to tears on any of the following subjects: How Important It Is For Me To Run Regularly So I Don’t Become Grumpy, The Casual Sexism That Is Everywhere You Look, Cooking From Scratch and Smugly Using Seasonal Ingredients and How Many Eggs Our Chickens Have Laid Today.

If any of this has made you think that I could help your business and you’d like to work with me, that’s great! Please get in touch and let’s have a chat.

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