You get up at 6am?!

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There’s often a common theme to the conversations about work I have with lots of people who have a job and receive a salary. They’re intrigued by what it’s like.. Read More

The will of the people

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I’ve been fascinated by some of the language that’s in the news at the moment around Brexit and how we can take lessons from it into our businesses. Specifically, I’m.. Read More

Pondering on snail mail

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In September, I ventured down to Bristol for Copywriting Club, an occasional get together for copywriters organised by the Direct Marketing Association. On my chair when I arrived were two.. Read More

My most over-used words

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There’s a question in The Guardian’s weekly Q&A column that I just love: “Which words or phrases do you most overuse?” I love encountering new words, revelling in unusual ones.. Read More

Legacy issues

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Maybe you heard it too. When RBS’s previous quarter results showed a £2 billion loss, the bank’s Chief Executive put it down to ‘legacy issues’. The BBC described these legacy.. Read More

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