Attention-seeking (again)

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Katherine Wildman, ace copywriter at Haydn Grey and speaker at next month’s copywriting shindig Copy Cabana, has a great feature on her website called The Writing Desk. It interviews all.. Read More

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I’m a celebrity

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Well, a very minor one in the somewhat niche world of copywriting. But still. I’m a member of the Professional Copywriters’ Network and a few weeks ago I was the.. Read More

Swift, April 2017

How to write an article

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Swift is the in-house magazine of The Institute for Turnaround (The IfT), the leading professional body for accredited experts who drive step change in organisations of all types. In the.. Read More

I’ve moved!

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A couple of months ago, I mentioned in passing that I was in the middle of renovating a house. I’m excited to say the renovation is now (almost…) complete and.. Read More

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