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Pondering on snail mail

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In September, I ventured down to Bristol for Copywriting Club, an occasional get together for copywriters organised by the Direct Marketing Association. On my chair when I arrived were two things. Firstly, a hard copy of Why your copywriter looks sad, a report that I blogged about last year. Secondly, The Private Life of Mail, a […].. Read More

Hi, I’m Derek. It’s nice to meet you

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This is number two in the series Things I Thought Everyone Knew But In Fact They Don’t. (Number one in the series is So what do you actually do?) I was at a networking meeting recently, chatting to the inspirational Emma Lawton, founder of HŪF Design and inventor of the SKŪP® feed scoop for horses. […].. Read More

My most over-used words

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There’s a question in The Guardian’s weekly Q&A column that I just love: “Which words or phrases do you most overuse?” I love encountering new words, revelling in unusual ones and rediscovering forgotten ones. But in the same way that I have ‘comfort books’ that I turn to when I’m tired and want something easy […].. Read More

It’s time to practise your practice

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A few days  ago I had an email from the lovely and talented Charlotte Greenman of Accredited Marketing. Here’s what she said: I was just talking about you yesterday as I am stuck with a word!  Were your ears burning?? Picture this… me (English) with client (Hungarian) and her partner (Indian) sat writing an email […].. Read More

No one cares what you do

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I’ve had several conversations recently that have run along similar lines. I’ll be chatting to a business owner and finding out more about what they do. As is the way of such things, the conversation will eventually turn to me and what I do. I say that I specialise in helping people to use words more […].. Read More

Legacy issues

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Maybe you heard it too. When RBS’s previous quarter results showed a £2 billion loss, the bank’s Chief Executive put it down to ‘legacy issues’. The BBC described these legacy issues as: “mis-selling payment protection insurance (PPI) to customers and litigation related to a £12bn rights issue in 2008 during the financial crisis.” (The litigation […].. Read More

When to is too and vice versa

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I love my partner dearly. It’s just a good job we mainly communicate face to face. Because he replies to every text I send saying “Love you” with “Love you to”. And I think: “Love me to what?” Love me to stop tidying up by putting away things he’s in the middle of using? Love […].. Read More

Three things I’ve learned from mentoring so far

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As you may know, this year I’m mentoring an A level student who is on the Career Ready programme and helping to prepare her for the world of work. As we’ve just passed the halfway point of the year, I thought it would be a good time to review the journey so far... Read More

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