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One or 2?

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I had a query from a client the other day asking why sometimes I used the words for numbers (e.g. eight) and sometimes I used the numerals (e.g. 16). Here are the generally accepted basic rules about which to use when... Read More

I or me?

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Do you get confused about when to use “I” and when to use “me”? I hope this blog will help clear up any confusion... Read More

Getting the Words Right copywriting workshop

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I’m excited to announce that I’ll be running a half day copywriting workshop with the Small Business Clinic on 16 February at Open Space Rooms in Malvern. During the session you will learn how to: create the right impression of your business by using about the correct type of language for the situation improve your SEO by […].. Read More

Blog on

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I write lots of different things for lots of different people. But I can guarantee that whenever I’m talking about what I do and what I write, people listen to me intently/vaguely and nod until I mention the word ‘blog’. At which point they say something along the lines of: “Oh really? Blogs? Tell me […].. Read More

Definitions of creativity

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(This post is a bit introspective / navel-gazing, so be warned…) Whenever I think about creativity I think about artists, sculptors, novelists, poets. For me the creative process is a mystery and I’m in awe of people who have a creative instinct. So when someone referred to me as creative, I was baffled. And when someone […].. Read More

Easy Tax Return’s new website

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Making self assessment tax returns as easy as 1-2-3! Easy Tax Return is part of the Easy Solutions Group – a group of businesses run by Emily Gardner to bring high quality, affordable book keeping services to Gloucestershire and beyond... Read More

Less vs fewer

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So, tell me. Are you the sort of person who tuts at the sight of the sign in (some) supermarkets that says ‘Five items or less’? If you’re not sure why it should trouble you, read on and I’ll explain the difference between ‘less’ and ‘fewer’... Read More

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