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What makes a good funding bid?

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I read an extremely interesting report last week. Called Inside the mind of a grant-maker: Useful stuff on how grant-making works and written by nfpSynergy on behalf of the Institute of Fundraising, it was packed with useful insights. I strongly recommend reading it – there are lots of unexpected and very useful things in it. […].. Read More

It’s the problem with its


Twice this week I’ve read printed marketing material where the writer has got their “its” and “it’s” confused. It got me thinking about common mistakes people make in their writing. For people like me, spotting one of those mistakes makes me a little bit sad (in all senses of the word, some might say)... Read More


Putting jargon in its place


I was at a talk the other day and the speaker mentioned SEO. Some people in the audience (myself included) didn’t bat an eyelid; others looked panicked and confused. (For those of you who have just seen “SEO” and had the second reaction, it’s short for Search Engine Optimisation and it refers to the strategies […].. Read More

Pippin is a Wiggly 100!

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I’ve got some very exciting news this week – Pippin has become a corporate sponsor for the first time! Pippin is now officially a Wiggly 100... Read More

Selling the sizzle not the sausage


The concept I’ll be discussing today was introduced to me with this phrase when I first started out. It’s a vital thing to grasp whenever you’re writing marketing copy because it’s what persuades your audience they want to buy whatever it is you have... Read More

How to write effectively

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So, you’ve got something to write. If you want to make sure that it’s effective and gets your message across (and who doesn’t?!), here are five things to consider... Read More

Celebrating with the man who repaired his own heart

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I attended a rather special event in London on Saturday. One of my clients, Tal Golesworthy, was celebrating the tenth anniversary of being the first person to have an ExoVasc® fitted. What’s an ExoVasc®? I hear you ask. It’s a device that is placed around the ascending aorta where it provides support and is designed to prevent enlargement and […].. Read More

Bearwood Associates' new website

Bearwood Associates’ new website

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Dan and Suzanne Wenczek run an environmental consultancy called Bearwood Associates. It’s a chartered consultancy that provides expert advice and practical support in woodland and environmental management. Suzanne approached me after I worked with her on the development of a website for Ledbury Places. She told me that Bearwood Associates had a website, but it had […].. Read More

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