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Food lovers’ days out – this summer’s food festivals

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Well, the sun is shining and I’d love to be outside enjoying it rather than sitting inside in my office. Since that isn’t an option, I’m going to plan days out by doing a quick tour of some of this summer’s food and drink festivals in Herefordshire, Gloucestershire and Worcestershire. Good food is guaranteed, the […].. Read More

What do you think when you think organic?

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The other evening I was listening to The Archers with my partner. Tom Archer was discussing his range of ready meals with his parents. (If you don’t listen to The Archers, I realise that this will mean nothing to you, but here’s Tom’s potted biography on the BBC website in case you want to get […].. Read More

What should we learn from the horsemeat scandal?

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The horsemeat scandal has raised lots of questions about our food chain. If we want stop such a scandal happening again, we need to get back in touch with the food chain. We can do that by shopping locally. It was heartening to read that sales at local butchers have risen 20% in the wake […].. Read More

Cooking in schools


I remember my first domestic science lesson at school very clearly. We made cheese on toast and a hot drink. I remember it for two reasons. One because I couldn’t believe we were being taught to make something so simple. And two because it clearly wasn’t so simple for lots of people: my friend Neil […].. Read More

Are TV chefs’ recipes really less healthy than ready meals?

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Did you see the story in the press this week about TV chefs’ recipes being less healthy than ready meals? There’s a recap on the story here, if you want. It was based on a report by researchers at Newcastle University published in the British Medical Journal. In short, the report found that TV chefs’ […].. Read More

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