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Are you a go-to supplier for businesses in Herefordshire?

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Or perhaps you would like to be a go-to supplier for businesses in Herefordshire? Either way, you need to take a look at becoming one of the Go To Businesses of Herefordshire Rural Hub. About Herefordshire Rural Hub Herefordshire Rural Hub has 1,700 members. Through its website, regular newsletter, email updates, events and workshops, it […].. Read More

A turnaround professional’s website

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Peter Dent is a business transformation and turnaround professional. I first met Peter at a networking meeting for the Manufacturing and Supply Chain Special Interest Group of The Institute for Turnaround. (I was attending the meeting to take notes for the Group’s email newsletter; Peter was attending because he’s a member of The IfT.) Peter […].. Read More


You get up at 6am?!

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There’s often a common theme to the conversations about work I have with lots of people who have a job and receive a salary. They’re intrigued by what it’s like to be a freelancer and clearly imagine carefree days of lounging around and drinking coffee with the odd hour of work here and there. So there’s […].. Read More

The will of the people

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I’ve been fascinated by some of the language that’s in the news at the moment around Brexit and how we can take lessons from it into our businesses. Specifically, I’m very interested in three phrases. The first is ‘Brexit means Brexit’, which was used until it was announced that Article 50 would be triggered in March […].. Read More

Do you complement or compliment?

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The other day, a client asked me to confirm that ‘complemented’ was spelled correctly in a sentence I’d written. Her query reminded me how commonly ‘complement’ and ‘compliment’ are confused. Here’s my quick guide to these two words: Complement: when you want to say something enhances or improves something else (‘the sauce really complemented the […].. Read More

Registering difference

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At the weekend I was having a conversation with a nearly 90 year old relative. I hadn’t spoken to her for some time so we were filling each other in on our news. During the conversation I described my partner as being ‘a bit of a steam train buff’. After the conversation had ended I […].. Read More

Why you need to love your features

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One of the first things you learn as a copywriter is the concept of features vs benefits. The features are the facts about your product; the benefits sum up why those features add up to give your customers exactly what they’ve always wanted. It’s clear you need to include the benefits of your product or […].. Read More

Little words make a big difference

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In my mince pie and sherry post-Christmas haze, I was alarmed to read the news headline that eight in ten 40- to 60-year-olds are either drinking too much, are inactive or are overweight. Public Health England, the body that revealed the figures, was pointing people towards the How Are You quiz, which gives users a […].. Read More


Just put something like this

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Last month I took part in my very first podcast. It was with the lovely Ben and Al of Rather Inventive, the people behind my swanky new website. The recording was great fun, as conversations with Ben and Al always are. We talked about a multitude of things including who should write your website’s copy and what […].. Read More

A great piece of email marketing

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I got a great piece of email marketing the other day. Here it is: Why do I think it’s so great? It was the first section of the email that did it for me. It looks like a normal email that a normal person would send – it didn’t look like an eshot at all. Hi […].. Read More

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