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Hi, I’m Derek. It’s nice to meet you

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This is number two in the series Things I Thought Everyone Knew But In Fact They Don’t. (Number one in the series is So what do you actually do?) I was at a networking meeting recently, chatting to the inspirational Emma Lawton, founder of HŪF Design and inventor of the SKŪP® feed scoop for horses. […].. Read More

My most over-used words

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There’s a question in The Guardian’s weekly Q&A column that I just love: “Which words or phrases do you most overuse?” I love encountering new words, revelling in unusual ones and rediscovering forgotten ones. But in the same way that I have ‘comfort books’ that I turn to when I’m tired and want something easy […].. Read More

It’s time to practise your practice

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A few days  ago I had an email from the lovely and talented Charlotte Greenman of Accredited Marketing. Here’s what she said: I was just talking about you yesterday as I am stuck with a word!  Were your ears burning?? Picture this… me (English) with client (Hungarian) and her partner (Indian) sat writing an email […].. Read More

No one cares what you do

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I’ve had several conversations recently that have run along similar lines. I’ll be chatting to a business owner and finding out more about what they do. As is the way of such things, the conversation will eventually turn to me and what I do. I say that I specialise in helping people to use words more […].. Read More

Legacy issues

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Maybe you heard it too. When RBS’s previous quarter results showed a £2 billion loss, the bank’s Chief Executive put it down to ‘legacy issues’. The BBC described these legacy issues as: “mis-selling payment protection insurance (PPI) to customers and litigation related to a £12bn rights issue in 2008 during the financial crisis.” (The litigation […].. Read More

When to is too and vice versa

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I love my partner dearly. It’s just a good job we mainly communicate face to face. Because he replies to every text I send saying “Love you” with “Love you to”. And I think: “Love me to what?” Love me to stop tidying up by putting away things he’s in the middle of using? Love […].. Read More

Three things I’ve learned from mentoring so far

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As you may know, this year I’m mentoring an A level student who is on the Career Ready programme and helping to prepare her for the world of work. As we’ve just passed the halfway point of the year, I thought it would be a good time to review the journey so far... Read More

I’ve moved!

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A couple of months ago, I mentioned in passing that I was in the middle of renovating a house. I’m excited to say the renovation is now (almost…) complete and we moved in last weekend. The new address is 78 Biddulph Way, Ledbury, Herefordshire, HR8 2HN. The phone number and email stay the same... Read More

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