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Reflecting on my post-GDPR world

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In readiness for the GDPR coming into force, I took the opportunity to tidy up my mailing list. I sent four email campaigns between February and May asking people if they’d like to continue receiving my newsletter, The Pips, after 24 May. In the end, just over 30% of people on my original mailing list opted to continue receiving […].. Read More


Is it fair to criticise other people’s work in public?

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Maybe it’s always been done and I’m only just noticing it. Or maybe it’s a new trend. But I’ve been seeing more and more copywriters criticising or laughing at what they consider to be poor examples of the art of copywriting on Twitter / LinkedIn / etc. Indeed, I did it myself a few weeks’ […].. Read More

ProCopywriters Survey 2018

How do I compare to the average UK copywriter in 2018?

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Every year ProCopywriters, the alliance of commercial writers, conducts a survey of copywriters. The results for 2018 have just been published. I always enjoy completing the survey because it’s a useful opportunity to reflect on my work. I always find the results a really interesting read because I get so much information I can’t get […].. Read More

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I saw this sign the other day

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Is it just me or is it just a bit grumpy and passive aggressive? There’s something about the ‘our’ vs the highlighted ‘your’ that rankles. I find it reminiscent of a parent hectoring a child who hasn’t looked after something properly – ‘I spend good money on those shoes and that’s the way you treat them?’ Also, strictly […].. Read More


Creating Futures: reflections on the event

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You may remember that a few weeks’ ago I gave a talk to a group of University of Gloucestershire students on being a copywriter and running my own business. I found it an interesting talk to put together. I’m very bad at taking time to reflect on decisions I’ve made / paths I’ve taken so […].. Read More


“Is it possible to make an inquiry?” he enquired

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In a recent edition of my monthly email newsletter (The Pips – sign up here if you’d like to receive it), I asked people to let me know if they had any copywriting questions they’d like me to answer in future blog posts. One lovely subscriber came back and asked: “What is the difference between […].. Read More


Why everyone should be a copywriter

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Is this a situation that’s familiar to you? It’s 9am. You’ve just sat down at your desk. You’ve got 30 minutes before your first meeting of the day and decide to quickly deal with your emails. You open the first message. It’s from a colleague and your heart sinks. It rambles, it witters, it’s incoherent […].. Read More


What should you look for in a copywriter?

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The ability to write words that persuade, sell, encourage, inform, inspire or whatever else it is you need them to do. The ability to get to the heart of what you want to achieve and come up with the message that will help you achieve it. The ability to bring creativity and ingenuity when it’s […].. Read More


Why I love copywriting

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I love words It’s quite hard to get over how much I love words and how much I need them in my environment. I can quite happily spend several hours in an art gallery reading the captions to the paintings before realising that I haven’t actually looked at any of the paintings. I’m always looking […].. Read More


How much does a copywriter cost?

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As part of the talk I’ve been preparing for the University of Gloucestershire’s Creating Futures event, I’ve been thinking about the skills I think you need to have if you’re going to make a success of running your own business. As part of this, I’ve been thinking about pricing and how to price your work […].. Read More

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