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I write lots of different things for lots of different people. But I can guarantee that whenever I’m talking about what I do and what I write, people listen to me intently/vaguely and nod until I mention the word ‘blog’. At which point they say something along the lines of: “Oh really? Blogs? Tell me more about how that works.”

There are lots of reasons why blogging is a good idea for a business. It helps drive traffic to your website. It helps bring in more leads. It helps you establish authority and credibility as a leader in your sector. It gives your business a personality.

You undoubtedly know all this – as does everyone whose ears prick up whenever I mention the word ‘blog’ in conversation. The problem is, knowing something isn’t the same as doing it. We all know we should eat five portions of fruit and veg a day but how many of us do?

That’s why my blog writing is so interesting to people – because they can never find the time to write the wretched things themselves. I know this from my own experience. My aim is to write three blogs during each month and use those to form the basis of The Pips, my monthly newsletter that goes out on the last working day of the month. In a good month this all happens like clockwork. In a bad month I’m frantically writing three blogs on the penultimate working day of the month…

If even the bad month scenario sounds like something to aspire to, here are my top tips for getting your blog written:

  1. Take some time out to brainstorm blog ideas and make a list of titles. Add to that list whenever inspiration strikes. That way, when you’ve got an hour to spare you can simply pick a title from the list and start writing with no need to worry about what you’re going to write about.
  2. Don’t worry too much about making it a magnum opus. A blog of 300 – 400 words is fine. If you find yourself wanting to write more, think about separating it into two (or more) blogs.
  3. Don’t worry too much about style. Blogs are relaxed and informal. Think of them as being snapshots or brief insights into your business or sector. If they’re mini-masterpieces that’s a bonus, but that shouldn’t be your main aim every time.

If you think blog writing will forever remain on your Wish List of Things To Do, you might like to know that my blog writing service works in whatever way you find it useful. For some clients that means taking their list of keywords and writing blogs around them. (Perfect if you lack both the time and the inspiration to blog.) For others that means having conversations and then translating those conversations into blogs. (Perfect if you have the inspiration but lack the time.) In whatever case, I’ll upload the blog to your website if you need or hand it over to you / your web designer if not.

Happy writing!

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