Back to basics

Consists of and comprises

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I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while, prompted by coming across more and more of what I perceive to be misuses of ‘comprises’ and ‘consists’. I feel.. Read More

Old silly thing

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The English language never fails to fascinate me. Here’s an article I read a while ago but haven’t shared until now. It’s about the order we use adjectives in, but don’t.. Read More

i.e. vs e.g.

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Latin, eh? Nobody speaks it these days yet we use it all the time. Two perfect examples are i.e. and e.g. We use them all the time – and sometimes.. Read More

Me vs you

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One of the biggest secrets of successful copywriting is to put your reader, not you, first. Yet talking about ourselves when writing marketing materials is one of the easiest traps.. Read More

Do you complement or compliment?

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The other day, a client asked me to confirm that ‘complemented’ was spelled correctly in a sentence I’d written. Her query reminded me how commonly ‘complement’ and ‘compliment’ are confused... Read More

One or 2?

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I had a query from a client the other day asking why sometimes I used the words for numbers (e.g. eight) and sometimes I used the numerals (e.g. 16). Here.. Read More