‘Digital landfill’

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This blog is very much ‘better late than never’. You might recall that back in September I very excitedly told you I was off to Copy Cabana, a copywriting conference, and to watch this space for my reflections on it. Well, only three months later, here they are!

It was an incredibly valuable and inspirational day that was a reminder about why I love my career so much. There were lots of stand out moments and revelations, but one phrase has really stuck in my mind and become a sort of manifesto for me.

The phrase? Digital landfill.

It came in a talk from Peter Stephen and Glenn Sturgess of OgilvyOne Business on artificial intelligence (AI) in copywriting.

It’s all-too-easy to be complacent and assume that our jobs are too complicated, too nuanced and too, well, human, to be accomplished using AI. But that’s very far from the case. It may not happen in the near future but there will come a time when AI is more than capable of copywriting.

Perhaps the only area where we human writers will still have the edge and where AI could still struggle is in the unexpected, innovative and unconventional.

It means we need to commit to delivering high quality, accomplished and valuable content. And we need to make sure our words stand out in a digital world that is increasingly filled with digital landfill – low grade, writing-by-numbers and poor quality content.

And I’m hereby committing to doing exactly that.

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