Five things that only business owners know

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Five years ago today Pippin Consultancy Ltd was founded and I became a full time freelance copywriter.

As I reflect on five years in business, here are five things I know on 1 June 2017 that I didn’t know on 1 June 2012.

I’ve never worked harder

Nothing will make you work harder than knowing that you alone are responsible for your livelihood each month (apart, I imagine, from knowing that you are also responsible for other people’s livelihoods as well as your own).

I’m not superhuman

On the other hand, I also know that holidays and leisure time are essential to my wellbeing and ability to continue to deliver the best work I can.

So while I’d be lying if I said I didn’t check my phone in the evenings, at weekends or while on holiday, my mantra is that if a client expects me to be working after hours or while I’m supposed to be on holiday, that isn’t a client I want to work with.

I still feel like an imposter some days

I’ve been a full time freelance copywriter for five years. For eight years before that I was a part time freelance copywriter and a part time web copywriter. Before that I was in marketing. Whichever way you look at it, I know what I’m doing when it comes to copywriting and I’ve proved I can do it. Yet when a fellow copywriter said on Twitter recently that my writing was compelling, my instinctive response was a sense of fraud.

I’ve never cared more

Wherever I’ve worked, I’ve always wanted to deliver the best results. Now it’s my name above the door, that desire has never been stronger. Whenever I send off a piece of work to a client, even when I’ve worked with them for years, I still keep my fingers crossed my work is not only everything they want but more.

I’d be lost without my support network

I may spend most of my days in a room on my own but I’m not alone. There are the experts I rely on to sort out my accounts or give my business the professional face it needs in terms of design, website and photography.  There’s the fellow business owners who understand where I’m coming from. There’s the family who are there whether I’m celebrating a success or in the deepest depths of gloom. And, of course, there’s the clients who place their trust (and hard-earned cash) in me. Thank you.

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