Are you a go-to supplier for businesses in Herefordshire?

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Or perhaps you would like to be a go-to supplier for businesses in Herefordshire? Either way, you need to take a look at becoming one of the Go To Businesses of Herefordshire Rural Hub.

About Herefordshire Rural Hub

Herefordshire Rural Hub has 1,700 members. Through its website, regular newsletter, email updates, events and workshops, it keeps farming and rural businesses in Herefordshire up-to-date with the things that matter such as:

  • business development opportunities
  • funding opportunities
  • changes to rules and regulations
  • local events of interest
  • and more.

It is recognised nationally as an example of best practice for practical rural delivery. More importantly, it is recognised locally for the quality, impartiality and honesty of the advice, information and support it provides.

It receives no funding from central government and instead raises funds through sponsorship, its annual Rural Business Advice Day and by subcontracting its services to other rural organisations that need access to the considerable expertise it has.

I’m a strong supporter of the work the Hub does. And as a Herefordshire business owner, I’m also a member of its Hot Group. We meet every quarter and help the Hub keep in touch with the needs of rural businesses and the rural community.

Becoming a Go-To business of Herefordshire Rural Hub costs £150. For that you get a listing and a web link on the Go To Businesses page of the Herefordshire Rural Hub website for 12 months.

For more information about Go To Businesses and to sign up, visit

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