A great piece of email marketing

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I got a great piece of email marketing the other day.

Here it is:


Why do I think it’s so great?

It was the first section of the email that did it for me. It looks like a normal email that a normal person would send – it didn’t look like an eshot at all.

Hi Catherine,

I saw this webinar and thought you might find it interesting. Looks like it’s filling up fast so register today if you can.



Now, I don’t know who Shannon is, but her short, informal covering note made me think I should. So I read on to find out more.

Below the covering note is a typical eshot design that’s been set up to look as if it’s been forwarded. If I’d received it without the covering note, I’d have skimmed it (maybe) and then deleted it. When it came with the covering note, I made sure I read it properly to make sure I wasn’t missing anything.

As it happens, I wasn’t missing anything – the webinar wouldn’t be particularly useful to me. But I have worked with charities in the past and I’ve used SurveyMonkey with them too. Based on my account details, therefore, the webinar absolutely should have been interesting to me, so it was extremely well-targeted.

The simple addition of the covering note made me give the email more attention than I otherwise would.

I thought it was a stroke of genius.

PS: if you’re wondering how I know the whole thing was a mailshot and it wasn’t a long-forgotten colleague forwarding on vital information to me, I clicked on the ‘view this email in your browser’ link and the entire email from ‘covering note’ downwards was there.

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