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This is number two in the series Things I Thought Everyone Knew But In Fact They Don’t. (Number one in the series is So what do you actually do?)

I was at a networking meeting recently, chatting to the inspirational Emma Lawton, founder of HŪF Design and inventor of the SKŪP® feed scoop for horses. I worked with her a little while ago, helping her to capture what was so great about her feed scoop for an award nomination (which she went on to win!)

She said: “I know you do copywriting, but I don’t suppose you do ghost writing, do you? I keep being asked to write my story for magazine features but I don’t really know where to start.” I was a bit taken aback and not for the first time: I was totally floored by how much I assume people know about what I do and how wrong I am to do that. 

Well, yes, I replied, I certainly do. I’m quite often writing as Derek / Andrew / Sharon / Rachel for articles that will appear in industry magazines. In fact, as I realised afterwards, in at least a couple of magazines, I’ll have written a fair percentage of the articles in there, albeit under different names.

I take it for granted that people know that a copywriter will write an article for you. (Although, to be honest, alarm bells should have gone off when my partner expressed frank astonishment that not every blog in the world was written by the person it said it had been written by and, in fact, people paid people like me to write them on their behalf.)

So, all in all, it was a truly educational conversation. And, if you didn’t know that copywriters write articles on your behalf, I hope this has been an educational blog.

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