How do you help people to write in your company’s tone of voice?

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This is the introduction to an article I first published on Medium.

When you’re looking around for guidance on tone of voice, one thing will strike you. You’ll be able to find no end of advice on how to develop a tone of voice (I’ve added to the body of literature myself). You’ll find no end of advice on what to include in tone of voice guidelines. But when it comes to taking those guidelines and translating them into the copy and content you’re writing every day, you’ll find that everyone goes strangely quiet.

It’s easy to understand the difference between two examples of content when you see them in the guidelines.

But how do you know you’ve nailed tone of voice when you’re writing from scratch? How do you actually write in an empowering / authoritative / outcome-focused / ambitious / [insert your particular tone of voice quality] way?

Why is it so difficult to find advice like this? Is it because it’s easy to do? Or is it because it’s too hard to teach?

I think it’s a combination of both.

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