How to write marketing content if you aren’t a marketer

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This is the introduction to an article I first published on Medium.

I’m writing this article for two types of people. If you fit into either of the categories, I’m hoping you’ll find some useful tips that will make your working day easier.

Type 1: You work in a role that isn’t marketing-focused. But you’re regularly asked by your marketing department to either offer input into marketing material or even write marketing material (in the form of blogs or white papers, perhaps).

The requests make your heart sink or your hackles rise. The experience of working with marketing –or writing material for them to use–is always painful and protracted.

Type 2: You work in a role that isn’t marketing-focused. But your company isn’t yet big enough to employ anyone to do marketing, so the task of writing marketing materials often falls to you.

It’s a job you put off for as long as possible because it always takes too long and very rarely gets the results you were hoping for.

Why and how this article will help you

But more than that, it means I know a bit about working with non-marketers on marketing content. I’ve seen first hand the difficulties – and even conflicts –that arise. I’ve also worked out ways to overcome those difficulties and conflicts.

So if engaging with marketing is one of your pet hates, read on. I’m going to share some ideas on how to approach marketing content if you aren’t a marketer. If you’re tasked with writing marketing content, I hope it will help you next time you have to write. If you’re asked to offer input on marketing content, I hope it will give you insight into the marketing process and why marketers say, do and ask for what they do.

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