Why I love copywriting

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I love words

It’s quite hard to get over how much I love words and how much I need them in my environment.

I can quite happily spend several hours in an art gallery reading the captions to the paintings before realising that I haven’t actually looked at any of the paintings. I’m always looking for something to read and am always drawn to words no matter where I am or what I’m doing. The back of the cereal packet when I’m eating breakfast. The paper of the person sitting next to me when I’m on the train. Trips to places like Egypt and Sri Lanka have been extraordinary but also extraordinarily stressful because I wasn’t able to read – or even guess at – any of the signs or adverts when I was out and about.

I love helping people capture what they do

I was talking to a client the other day and he said: “I find that when I’m talking to people across a table I find it easy to share with them what I do and why it’s important. When it comes to putting it down on paper I find it nearly impossible.”

I help people to capture on paper what they do and why it’s important. I help them to spread their message so much more widely and so much more effectively than they could do by themselves.

(Incidentally, I find it really hard to share what I do and why it’s important when I’m talking to someone but give me a keyboard and I’m away…)

I love helping people make their businesses more successful

Everyone can write. But not everyone can write persuasively or engagingly. The difference between being able to write and being able to write engagingly and effectively is the difference between selling a few and selling a lot. I can make that difference.

I love my own company

I’m an off-the-scale introvert and am perfectly happy in my own company. When I was at university I took one of those computerised tests where you tell it your strengths and weaknesses, working preferences and so on and it tells you the types of career you should consider. I got to the end of the test and it said (I kid you not): ‘There are no jobs where you don’t have to interact with people. Go back and try the test again.’ Well, the test was right, but I think I’ve come about as close as it’s possible to get. I spend most of my working days alone in my office thinking, researching and writing. I treasure this time but I also treasure the times when I go out to meet people or talk on the phone (see the next point for more on this). I think back to the times when I worked in an open plan office as a time when neither part of me was satisfied.

I’m fundamentally nosey

I love finding things out. Being a copywriter means I can legitimately ask questions. It helps me get the best results for my clients because it helps me get an in-depth understanding of their business and what they’re looking to achieve. It also helps me fulfil my desire for knowledge.

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