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The Institute for Turnaround (The IFT) is Europe’s leading professional body for practitioners who deal with profound and radical transformation in organisations.

The Academy is its 12-month modular programme designed for the next generation of leaders in the turnaround and restructuring community.

When The IFT’s operations team was putting together the marketing campaign to recruit participants for the 2017-18 intake of The Academy, they wanted to highlight insights from previous participants in the programme to demonstrate its value. The insights needed to be in the form of an article that could be used in the information pack about The Academy, but also on The IFT’s website and in its in-house magazine, Swift.

Duncan Parkes, The IFT’s COO, commissioned me to write the article.

As part of my work, I interviewed one graduate from The Academy’s first intake in 2015-16 and two participants from the 2016-17 intake who were willing to share their experiences.

I wanted the article to cover several points that would be useful to people considering attending The Academy so I tailored my interview questions to make sure I knew:

  • the career experience to date of the interviewees so potential participants could see if their profiles were similar
  • the reasons the interviewees had chosen to attend The Academy so potential participants could see if any of them resonated
  • how the interviewees’ experiences of The Academy had matched up to their expectations so potential participants could see any ‘fringe’ benefits that might be otherwise difficult to quantify in any of the marketing literature
  • how the interviewees felt The Academy had helped or was helping their career so potential participants could see the tangible value in the programme.

Having arranged and conducted the three phone interviews, I put together a first draft of the article. I sent this to Duncan Parkes and also to Kate Norris, Operations Executive at The IFT and my first point of contact while working on the article. Once I knew they were both happy with the piece and confident it gave them what they needed, I then sent it to all three interviewees to gain their sign off too. Once approval had been gained from all three, I sent a final version of the article to Duncan and Kate for them to use as they needed.

In interviewing the delegates of The Academy, Catherine drew insights that were both informative and relevant. I was impressed and pleased with the result.
Kate Norris, Operations Executive

Read a version of the article on The IFT’s website

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