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Using the carrot not the stick

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Here’s a great piece of research if you’re ever in any doubt about the power of words to persuade… Over 46 weekdays, one featured vegetable dish at a US university cafeteria was randomly labelled in one of four different ways: basic (e.g. carrots) healthy restrictive (e.g. carrots with sugar-free citrus dressing) healthy positive (e.g. smart-choice […].. Read More

i.e. vs e.g.

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Latin, eh? Nobody speaks it these days yet we use it all the time. Two perfect examples are i.e. and e.g. We use them all the time – and sometimes we prove that we don’t speak Latin because we use them wrongly or interchangeably. So, here’s my guide to i.e. and e.g. so you can check […].. Read More

Me vs you

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One of the biggest secrets of successful copywriting is to put your reader, not you, first. Yet talking about ourselves when writing marketing materials is one of the easiest traps to fall into. The wise and wonderful Drayton Bird (Big Cheese in copywriting) describes the cause of the problem like this. He points out that […].. Read More

Five things that only business owners know

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Five years ago today Pippin Consultancy Ltd was founded and I became a full time freelance copywriter. As I reflect on five years in business, here are five things I know on 1 June 2017 that I didn’t know on 1 June 2012. I’ve never worked harder Nothing will make you work harder than knowing that […].. Read More

I’m a celebrity

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Well, a very minor one in the somewhat niche world of copywriting. But still. I’m a member of the Professional Copywriters’ Network and a few weeks ago I was the star of its ‘Spotlight’ feature. You can read the feature here.    .. Read More

Looking over your shoulder

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In the olden days, when fewer people could read and you had to take your entertainment where you could, books and letters were often read aloud to family and friends. You can hear remnants of this past in some of the phrases we use today – how often do you reply to an email or […].. Read More

High-Tech Windows website

Web copy for a double glazing company in Cheltenham

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I was recommended to Richard Michael, a freelance web designer, by fellow copywriter Al Hidden. Richard was working on the website of High-Tech Windows, a double glazing company in Cheltenham. The content of the site hadn’t been written with SEO in mind and wasn’t written in a way that would appeal most effectively to the […].. Read More

Swift, April 2017

How to write an article

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Swift is the in-house magazine of The Institute for Turnaround (The IfT), the leading professional body for accredited experts who drive step change in organisations of all types. In the April 2017, I was asked by The IfT to contribute the article for the Professional Practice feature. It featured my seven step guide to writing […].. Read More

The Master's House website

Friends of The Master’s House website case study

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The Master’s House has been at the heart of Ledbury life for more than 500 years. Today it is home to Ledbury’s library and much more. It started life as a home for the Master of St Katherine’s Hospital, which was founded in 1231 to provide for the spiritual and material well-being of the poor […].. Read More


Are you a go-to supplier for businesses in Herefordshire?

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Or perhaps you would like to be a go-to supplier for businesses in Herefordshire? Either way, you need to take a look at becoming one of the Go To Businesses of Herefordshire Rural Hub. About Herefordshire Rural Hub Herefordshire Rural Hub has 1,700 members. Through its website, regular newsletter, email updates, events and workshops, it […].. Read More