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What can you say and what can’t you say?

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A little while ago, I gave a talk about copywriting at WiRE Gloucestershire. At the meeting before, I asked if anyone had any questions they’d like me to address in the talk. A popular topic was around the legalities of copywriting – what can you say and what can’t you say. I was reminded of […].. Read More

Are you affected by the effect?

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(Or when to use “affect” and when to use “effect”) This was an interesting post for me to write because it highlighted that while I might instinctively know when to use “affect” and when to use “effect”, I’ve found it quite tricky to articulate. So here we go….. Read More


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‘Mobilegeddon’ has been all over the news this week, with everyone and his dog alerting us to the change in Google’s searching algorithms that will favour mobile-friendly websites. Well, never one to miss a bandwagon, here are my observations on the subject. .. Read More

Your guide to you’re and your

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This is the latest in the latest in my ‘back to basics’ blog posts. It was prompted by a recent coincidence. A colleague mentioned recently how frequently she saw “you’re” and “your” being confused. As if to prove her point, what did I see when I picked up a leaflet from a national retailer last weekend? […].. Read More

Where to go for writing inspiration

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A couple of months ago, I asked people on Twitter and Facebook what they’d like to see me blog about. (All ideas always gratefully received, by the way!) One of the suggestions was a post on whose writing I recommend people read for good practice in writing better (the inestimable Alice Jennings, who suggested this […].. Read More


HŪF Design’s SKŪP® wins BETA Innovation Award

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The SKŪP® is an innovative feed scoop for horses. It was designed by Emma Lawton who first had the idea when preparing food for her horse one winter’s morning in 2008. As every horse owner and rider will know, cutting through the compacted and congealed food on mornings like this is a painful struggle – […].. Read More