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What is a USP?

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In a previous post, we looked at features and benefits. In this post I’d like to take things one step further and discuss your USP – your unique selling point. Your USP is what makes you memorable. In crude terms, in a business context, it’s the thing that will make a prospective customer pick up […].. Read More

Four tips for overcoming writer’s block

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Not in the mood to write? Terrified by the expanse of white screen staring back at you? Don’t worry, it happens to all of us at some point. If you find yourself in this situation, then read these handy tips for overcoming the dreaded writer’s block... Read More

Pippin at Connecting Gloucestershire

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At Kingsholm Stadium on Wednesday 8 October, 200 businesses, charities, social enterprises and public sector organisations gathered for Connecting Gloucestershire, organised by Business in the Community in partnership with Gloucester Rugby... Read More

The Five Biggest Copywriting Mistakes

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Last night, I gave a presentation at Inspire Herefordshire. It was called The five biggest copywriting mistakes. You can see the slides below and download the notes here. If you’re a businesswoman in Herefordshire, I’d highly recommend coming along to Inspire Herefordshire. We meet every second Wednesday from 6.30pm at Kidwells House in Hereford. There […].. Read More

What’s your principal principle?

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Here’s the latest in my series of back to basics blogs. This one was prompted by spotting someone getting principal and principle mixed up. So here’s a quick guide to principals and principles….. Read More

A guide to web content

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I’ve just been doing a bit of housekeeping and came across an introduction to web content I wrote to help explain the concepts to a client a little while ago. I thought it contained some pretty useful stuff, so I’ve adapted and updated it a bit and – voilà! Enjoy!.. Read More

What makes a good funding bid?

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I read an extremely interesting report last week. Called Inside the mind of a grant-maker: Useful stuff on how grant-making works and written by nfpSynergy on behalf of the Institute of Fundraising, it was packed with useful insights. I strongly recommend reading it – there are lots of unexpected and very useful things in it. […].. Read More

It’s the problem with its


Twice this week I’ve read printed marketing material where the writer has got their “its” and “it’s” confused. It got me thinking about common mistakes people make in their writing. For people like me, spotting one of those mistakes makes me a little bit sad (in all senses of the word, some might say)... Read More