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Bearwood Associates' new website

Bearwood Associates’ new website

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Dan and Suzanne Wenczek run an environmental consultancy called Bearwood Associates. It’s a chartered consultancy that provides expert advice and practical support in woodland and environmental management. Suzanne approached me after I worked with her on the development of a website for Ledbury Places. She told me that Bearwood Associates had a website, but it had […].. Read More

Three steps to choosing your SEO keywords


If you’re thinking of writing the content for your website, it’s important to get to grips with your keywords ((For anyone unsure what keywords are, they’re the words and phrases that people type into search engines to find your business.)) very early on in the process. Here’s a three step guide to choosing the right […].. Read More

Six things you need to tell your copywriter

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So you’ve decided to use a copywriter. Great! (Still wondering if it’s a good idea? Three reasons to use a copywriter might help.) So how do you help them to help you? What do they need from you to give you what you need? Here are six things you need to tell your copywriter before […].. Read More

Three reasons to use a copywriter


Everyone values an expert: the person we can trust to deliver a quality outcome. When we want something designed, we turn to a designer.  We know what they will create will be infinitely better than anything we could do. When we want help with our accounts, we turn to an accountant. We know that their […].. Read More

A blog on a blog

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I’ve written a blog that’s just been published on the Women in Rural Enterprise website. Called A picture may tell a thousand words… but sometimes a thousand words tell the story better it looks at how to create clear and compelling communications. You can read the blog here.. Read More

The new Hopyard Farm website

A new virtual site for a beautiful real site

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Hopyard Farm is a camping and caravan site in rural Worcestershire. Its owner, Philip Earl approached me to help him with redeveloping his website. In his words, his site had “become very dated and possibly needs rebuilding in view of our current and future activities.” Philip and I met at Hopyard Farm to discuss how I […].. Read More