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Six ideas to rejuvenate our high streets


The Death of the High Street. We’ve all seen the news reports showing rows of boarded up shops. We’ve all heard of the attempts to stop it in the form of the Portas Review and the Portas Pilots. The received wisdom is that small independent local retailers can’t compete with the price, reach and convenience […].. Read More

Can food be sustainable and affordable?

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Defra published its conclusions on its Green Food Project last week. The aims of the project were to “bring together Government, industry and environmental partners to reconcile how we will achieve our goals of improving the environment and increasing food production.” Or, as the Defra press release put it rather more glamorously, “A major study […].. Read More

Why Pippin?

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Whenever I say my company name, I get one of three responses. “That’s nice” is the first one. “Ah, my son / daughter loved Pippin the dog when she / he was growing up” is the second. And “Why?” is the third. And while I like hearing the first answer and thank goodness for Wikipedia […].. Read More

Why my veg box saves more than just the planet

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I’ve been having a weekly veg box for about ten years now. It started when I lived in Oxford and had a weekly bag from a local cooperative. I would jump on my bike and cycle round to a nearby house to collect it. I have a recollection that it was almost invariably raining (or […].. Read More