Pippin at the GAVCA Funding Fair

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Last month, GAVCA (Gloucestershire Association for Voluntary and Community Action) held its annual Funding Fair. Aimed at providing funding advice and information plus networking opportunities for voluntary and community organisations.

It was a whole day event, with a morning of workshops followed by an exhibition in the afternoon.

I was delighted to be asked to deliver a workshop on how to define your USP. The remit was to help organisations to define what they do and the difference they make more clearly and my aim was to equip attendees with the tools to write stronger and more compelling funding bids.

Delivering the workshop was a timely reminder about how hard it is to showcase what’s great about your business or organisation when you’re working at the heart of it. It’s very easy to describe what you do, but it’s much harder to describe the difference you make. Yet the difference you make is more important because it’s how people understand why your organisation is needed.

To discuss how to articulate the difference your organisation makes or to request a copy of the slides from the workshop, please get in touch.

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