Pippin is four!Pippin is four!

Pippin is four!

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Crikey! Pippin is four years old. Given the astonishingly high failure rates of new businesses, I’m incredibly proud to still be here. I’m also incredibly proud about how far I’ve come since 1 June 2012. Here are just four ways I’ve changed.

I’m more confident

When I started I was shy, diffident and lacking in self-confidence. These are not great attributes to start a business with! Today, I can walk into a room full of strangers and be excited about the conversations I’m about to have. I’m more confident in myself and my abilities and I also inspire more confidence in others (although I’ve still got work to do here).

I’m more passionate

I’ve always loved words and writing, so it’s incredibly exciting to be making a living doing exactly that. I’m more passionate about what I do every day and I love knowing that my work is helping to grow businesses up and down the country (and all over the world too).

I’m more determined

Pippin has grown pretty impressively every year since I started it. Every year I’m prouder and prouder of what I’ve achieved and more determined to go on to achieve even more. This is not only because I’m essentially unemployable these days (far too opinionated) but because I love working with people and businesses to give them the skills they need in the way they need them.

I’m more skilled

Of course, I’ve got four more years’ experience as a writer, but that’s only the start. I’m in a position now that other experts help my business with the aspects that aren’t core to writing. But that wasn’t always the case. I’ve looked after my own book keeping and accounts. I’ve been my own IT help desk. I’ve been my own facilities manager. As a result I’m very resourceful and refuse to let anything beat me. And that’s an attribute that’s great to have when you’re running your own business.

I’m more connected

(OK, I know this is the fifth and I promised you four, but please try to overlook that.)

I said above that I’m confident enough to walk into a room full of strangers. That’s true, but it’s also true that it rarely happens these days. More often than not I’ll walk into a room and see at least a couple of familiar faces. I love being part of a fantastic network of fellow business owners, clients and friends and am grateful for the support they – you – bring. Thank you.

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