The Pippin A-Z of Copywriting: Testimonials

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A quick thought on testimonials: use them.

Some longer thoughts on testimonials…

Testimonials are important because they back up what your copy has told them about how good you are. (Equally, if you’re naturally reticent, they’re a great way to share how good you are without having to say so yourself.)

They provide valuable reassurance to potential clients that you’ve got credibility, whatever that means to them. Some clients might want the reassurance that you’ve worked with some big names. Other clients might want the reassurance that you’ve worked with businesses or people like them in the past so you’re more likely to understand the challenges they face.

When you’re using testimonials, I recommend using them alongside the rest of the copy rather than in a separate section or page. This is because they will be doing their work subliminally rather than requiring people to actively seek them out.

My other tip would be to use all the attribution you can. In the case of B2B testimonials, a person’s name, job title and company name has real impact. Using their initials or simply leaving it anonymous much less so.

But in summary, when it comes to testimonials: use them.

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