The Pippin A-Z of Copywriting: Value

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Many people’s view of copywriting as a service is bafflement. Why pay someone to write some sentences when you’re perfectly capable of writing some sentences yourself? It’s a view I have some sympathy with. After all, the overwhelming majority of people (99% of the UK population according to a quick check on Google) can indeed write some sentences.


If you want to understand the value of copywriting, here are three disparate thoughts.

Yes, most people can write some sentences. But will those sentences do the job you want them to do? Whether it’s to sell, to persuade, to influence, to encourage, to entertain, to inform or many of the other things good writing can do, surely it’s better to leave it to someone who knows the words they use will get the desired reaction?

And yes, most people can write some sentences. But unless it’s their job to write them, the very fact of doing so is taking them away from the work they’re supposed to be doing, may well be better suited to their skills and will earn their company more money more quickly.

An oft-quoted anecdote about value. A vital machine in a factory breaks down and production grinds to a halt. The manager calls the engineer who duly arrives. She looks at the machine for a moment then replaces a washer. The machine judders back to life and production resumes. When the engineer’s invoice arrives, it’s for £5,001. The manager calls the engineer and sputters: “£5,001? You were only here five minutes! How can you justify that?” And she replies: “Well, it was £1.00 for the washer and £5,000 for the 20 years of training and experience that meant I knew exactly what to do to get you back up and running first time.”

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