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Just before Christmas I wrote a blog in which I mentioned that I was just about to start a coaching programme that I hoped would help me focus my business and build on my successes.

The coaching I was referring to is part of the GrowthAccelerator programme, a Government-backed programme that is exclusively targeted at high growth businesses. The coaching started in January and I think now is the time to reveal what I’ve been working on.

It’s time to meet the new Pippin!

So what’s changed? 

I’ll be focusing more clearly on my core strength and values.

My core strength is adding value to businesses and organisations through the written word. So I’m rebranding Pippin as a written communications consultancy and me as a written communications consultant.

I’ll be focusing on three key areas:

  • External communications (or copywriting): for when you need to communicate with your market, whether it’s through leaflets, websites, press releases or blogs
  • Internal communications: for when you need to communicate with people inside or involved with your business or organisation whether it’s writing up reports, preparing staff newsletters or writing pitches for new services
  • Bid writing: for when you need to secure funding to help deliver your remit

In each of these three areas, I’ll be bringing my skills as a writer to get results.

In terms of my values, I’ll be more clearly focused on the things that matter to me. I’ll be targeting businesses and organisations that focus on sustainable projects and products. By sharing their passion I’ll be able to deliver a better result.

So what hasn’t changed?

I still want to form strong, long-term relationships with my clients. I still want to genuinely help them by being proactive, reactive, enthusiastic and, of course, by delivering quality work. Essentially, I’m still me!

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