Three reasons to use a copywriter

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Everyone values an expert: the person we can trust to deliver a quality outcome. When we want something designed, we turn to a designer.  We know what they will create will be infinitely better than anything we could do. When we want help with our accounts, we turn to an accountant. We know that their knowledge and skills will be far beyond ours.

But there are some areas where we think we’re OK and don’t need an expert. I’m planning a wedding at the moment and took slight umbrage at my fiancé’s suggestion that we consider hiring a wedding planner.

I think another one is words. We all think we can write about our business and organisation (and, of course, we can!). This belief is perfectly summed up in a recent testimonial from a client. “I do a lot of writing so was sceptical about what value Catherine could add to new scripting on my website.”

So why should you consider turning to a writer to help you with the words in your world?

1. To give you objectivity

My client went on to add, “But I have been totally convinced. She has taken adequate phrases that I completely understand into phrases that everyone can understand. I feel confident that my home page is easier to read and expresses my proposition clearly and succinctly.”

As these comments show, if you’re running your own business, you’re very close to it. It can mean it’s all too easy to lapse into jargon and shorthand that other people might not readily understand. A writer will help make sure that your audience understands what you have to offer and, crucially, understands the value of that offer.

2. To give you expertise

If you’re not a confident writer, why struggle with doing something you don’t like doing or don’t think you’re good at doing? Which leads onto…

3. To save you time

Whether you’re a confident writer or not, the chances are you’ve got a thousand things on your To Do list. So finding a quiet hour to write something coherent is a laughable idea. This is especially true if writing is one of your least favourite tasks. Calling in a writing expert may make the difference between the piece being written or not.

If you’d like to explore how a writer could help you in your business, give me a call.

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