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Eagle-eyed or elephant-memoried readers may remember that a little while ago I wrote a post called Three reasons to use a copywriter. But I missed out the biggest reason – because it works. Here’s how. 

It helps you achieve industry recognition

One client approached me to write an award entry for him for a national award. His aim was simply to be shortlisted and to be able to leverage the promotional opportunities from that. I’m delighted to say we have achieved his aim – although with the winner not due to be announced until the end of the month, I’ve got my fingers crossed he can go one step higher!

It helps you meet marketing objectives

One of the companies I work with revamped its website in 2013. The aim was to reposition it as a high quality provider capable of working with high calibre clients. In the 12 months since it was launched, visits to the site increased by 77%. The company also reports that it is receiving enquiries from higher profile and calibre companies than before, demonstrating that the website revamp has achieved its aim.

It helps you increase traffic to your website and the number of enquiries you receive

I have been supporting one of my clients since March 2013 by writing blogs, web copy, email newsletters and offline communications that help him promote and develop his business. My work on his website, as part of a strategy developed by my client and his team, has increased traffic by 147% in 18 months and the number of enquiries received from the website has increased dramatically.

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