Three things you might not think to look for in your copywriter

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I had an interesting discussion with someone the other day. She was just about to start the search for a copywriter for the charity she worked for. She wanted to pick my brains about what she should be looking for and how she should work with them.

I said that most copywriters are able to write well, that’s a given. You’ll have seen this on their website and they should also be able to show you examples of their work. If this is in your sector, so much the better, but in my view it’s not absolutely essential.

For me, there are other, equally important, things to look out for.

A good copywriter should be a good listener. Looking back on your meetings with them, you should have a real sense that you dominated the conversation and the copywriter said relatively little. That’s because a good copywriter will be listening intently to what you say and how you say it so they get a feel for you and your business. They want you to talk and will know how to get you to do it.

A good copywriter should ask lots of intelligent questions and be able to make informed comments. A good copywriter is nothing if not curious and will gather information like a magpie everywhere they go. They will use what they’ve learned from your conversations so far, as well as what they’ve learned from writing about lots of different businesses for many years, to ask questions that elicit more information as well as demonstrate they understand where you’re coming from.

When you find the copywriter that’s right for you, you should feel a good rapport. You should feel comfortable talking to them about every aspect of your business – the good, the bad and the ugly. Don’t worry about being too honest – no copywriter who’s still in business will write you copy that doesn’t show your business in the best possible light. A copywriter is the person creating your marketing spiel, so don’t do the job for them by only giving them the good bits.

In conclusion, it’s important to know you’re working with a copywriter with a good track record, of course. But what’s equally important (if not more so), is the human interaction with them and the relationship you form as a result.

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