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Peter Dent is a business transformation and turnaround professional. I first met Peter at a networking meeting for the Manufacturing and Supply Chain Special Interest Group of The Institute for Turnaround. (I was attending the meeting to take notes for the Group’s email newsletter; Peter was attending because he’s a member of The IfT.)

Peter mentioned that he was in the process of developing his new website and wondered if I might be able to help add a little professional polish to the content he’d written for it. He wanted to make sure he’d got the message right and had a website that was clear, punchy and impactful.

The first step was to have a conversation so I could find out enough about the site to be able to give a quote. Once Peter had accepted the quote, we had a longer conversation where I found out more about Peter’s business, skills and strategy for his website. From there, I took the content Peter had written and worked on to give it the polish it needed.

Peter reviewed my revisions in Word, then we had them added to his website so we could see how they looked ‘in situ’ and make any final tweaks that were needed.

You can see the results at www.peterdent.biz.

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