Two ways a writer will make you money

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There is one obvious benefit of hiring a writer. The work they produce will – in one way or another – help make your business money. Whether it’s press releases that help to raise your profile, case studies that enhance your credibility, web copy that effectively sells whatever it is you sell or award nominations that help to secure the award, they all have the same effect. They bring more customers to your door wanting to buy.

But there is another way a writer will help make you money too…

Lots of the people I work with are capable of writing copy for themselves. Some of them work with me because they don’t have time to write. Some of them work with me because they don’t enjoy writing. Some of them work with me because it takes them too long and they find it too frustrating to write whatever it is they need to write. Some of them work with me because they like the outsider viewpoint I can bring.

In all the cases, by outsourcing the writing to me, they are saving themselves time. Time they can spend on doing other things that need doing. Things they enjoy. Things they’re good at. In short, things that will help their business make money.

If you’d like to have a discussion about how I can help your business make more money, please get in touch.

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