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I was recommended to Richard Michael, a freelance web designer, by fellow copywriter Al Hidden. Richard was working on the website of High-Tech Windows, a double glazing company in Cheltenham. The content of the site hadn’t been written with SEO in mind and wasn’t written in a way that would appeal most effectively to the company’s target audience. Richard needed someone who could get to grips with the subject matter and write audience-appropriate, SEO-friendly web copy.

The first step was to give Richard a quote he could incorporate into his own quote to High-Tech Windows. Once the quote had been approved, Richard and I met so he could brief me in more detail and handover background information in the form of marketing brochures.

Because it was quite a large project (the website has 48 pages), I suggested that I wrote the first few pages of the site and had these approved by Richard and the High-Tech team before going any further. This would mean I could check I had got the tone of the content right without wasting anyone’s time or holding the project schedule back.

Happily, both Richard and the High-Tech team loved the first few pages I wrote and I carried on to write the rest of the site.

You can see Richard’s design and my writing at www.hightechwindows.co.uk.

Working with Catherine was effortless. One meeting was all it took to lay the ground work for the rewrite of the website. When I received the first draft it was virtually there, only a few tweaks were needed before going live. All in all a very professional and pleasant experience.

Richard Michael, Zapp Multimedia

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