What does a copywriter do?

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This is a page from the results of the ProCopywriters Survey 2018. It shows a selection of copywriters’ answers to the question ‘What is copywriting?’.

These are great summaries of what a copywriter does. But as with all summaries, they don’t tell the whole story. Here are some of the other things we routinely do before we even start to think about writing so we can achieve these things for our clients.

  • Listen to the way our clients talk
  • Read things our clients have written
  • Read things our clients reads
  • Investigate the way our clients’ customers talk
  • Read things our clients’ customers read
  • Investigate the way our clients’ competitors talk
  • Hang out in the places our clients’ customers hang out
  • Delve into the nuts and bolts of our clients’ products or service
  • Explore our clients’ customers’ worlds
  • Understand the problems our clients’ customers are looking to solve

If it all sounds a bit spooky and 007-ish, then that isn’t too far from the truth. Our role is to inhabit other people’s worlds so we can write using their words. Because when we do that we’re able to write convincingly and we’re able to convince.

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