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The received wisdom is that it’s important for businesses to blog regularly. It’s wisdom I don’t disagree with. But how many times have you found yourself stuck as to what to blog about?

You’ll find lots of advice on the internet about how to come up with topics to blog about. But I got a completely new perspective on the subject on a workshop I recently attended. I came away with enough blog ideas to – at a conservative estimate – keep me going until 2021. Even better, they are ideas for blogs that prospective customers will find incredibly useful so I’ll be fulfilling my commitment not to add more digital landfill to the internet.

I’ll share a few of the ideas I learned here. I reckon they’ll help you make a good start on a list of topics to blog about.

Blog topic theme 1: your customers and you

To do this, you’ll need to know what your ideal customer looks like by creating a customer avatar. Once you have your customer avatar in mind:

  • What are the triggers for them needing to seek your products and / or services?
  • What are the beliefs that stop them getting in touch – and why are they wrong to hold those beliefs?
  • What are the areas of your profession or industry sector that are confusing or alienating to an outsider – and can you explain them?

Each one of these is a blog topic.

By answering all these questions you’re showing prospective customers you understand them and their concerns so you become much more trusted and much more approachable.

Blog topic theme 2: your products and services

Make a list of all the products and / or services you offer. Against each item, list all the questions you’re asked in relation to it.

Each one of these is a blog topic.

By answering all these questions you’re able to demonstrate your expertise. (Not to mention creating a series of great resources you can point people to next time you’re asked one of the questions you’re always asked.)

Blog topic theme 3: your value

Write down all the different ways your products and / or services help your customers or solve their problems.

Each one of these is a blog topic.

By answering all these questions you’re showing clearly exactly where and how you add value to your customers’ businesses so you remove some of your their concerns about contacting you.

I hope this gives you a good start on reviving your blogging. For a complete insight that I cannot recommend highly enough, get in touch with Automation Ninjas.

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