What should you look for in a copywriter?

in Working with a copywriter

The ability to write words that persuade, sell, encourage, inform, inspire or whatever else it is you need them to do.

The ability to get to the heart of what you want to achieve and come up with the message that will help you achieve it.

The ability to bring creativity and ingenuity when it’s needed but reign it in when it isn’t.

The ability to understand you and your business so they can write material that sounds like you.

But let’s be practical too.

Yes, you want someone who’ll bring the creative spark that will help you make your marketing more effective and get you better results.

But you’ve also got a business to run. You need someone who’ll tell you when they’ll be working on your project and when things will be done because they know you’re busy and have got schedules to manage. Who’ll take feedback constructively, explaining their thought processes but also recognise when your point of view is valid. Someone who’s friendly and personable but also professional, someone who you’d be comfortable putting in front of your own clients if you needed to.

Just basically someone it’s nice to work with.

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