When should I write a press release? Catherine Every, B2B copywriter, Pippin CopywritingWhen should I write a press release? Catherine Every, B2B copywriter, Pippin Copywriting

When should I write a press release?

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A press release is a great way to get free (well, free in the sense that the only cost is your time and effort) publicity for your business. But it can be difficult to know when you should send out a press release. After all, when you’re in the thick of getting on with things, it can be hard to take a step back and say, ‘hey, that’s a really great thing that’s just happened – we should make sure people know about it’.

So, here are some thoughts on when a press release is a good idea:

Press releases about your business in general

  • Its launch
  • An anniversary or other significant milestone
  • A change of name
  • An expansion
  • A move

Press releases about your business and the wider world

  • Your position on a local / regional / national issue that affects you or your customers
  • Your position on industry trends that affect you or your customers

Press releases about the people in your business

  • A new member of staff
  • An award received by a member of staff
  • A notable charity challenge taken on by a member of staff

Press releases about what your company does

  • A new product or service
  • A significant new customer
  • A new partnership
  • A new way of working that’s different to others in your industry
  • The results of a survey you conducted

Press releases about your business’s relationships with others

  • Sponsoring an event
  • Taking part in an event
  • Your support for a charity

Press releases about your business receiving recognition

  • An award received by your business
  • An appearance on TV or radio

My second-to-last word on the subject comes from writer Lorraine Forrest-Turner: “You need to have something new and important to say. If [you] simply [want] to promote a product or service because it’s not selling well at the moment … you need to find a newsworthy angle.” Because just as important as knowing when you should send a press release is knowing when you shouldn’t.

And my last word is to take a look at What is a press release and how do I write one? It’s just the starting point you need if you’re feeling inspired to write a press release right now.

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