When to is too and vice versa

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I love my partner dearly. It’s just a good job we mainly communicate face to face. Because he replies to every text I send saying “Love you” with “Love you to”. And I think: “Love me to what?” Love me to stop tidying up by putting away things he’s in the middle of using? Love me to own more than a shoebox of albums?

The confusion he’s making is over when to use “to” and when to use “too”.

In fact, once you know them, the rules are pretty simple.

When to use too

When you mean ‘as well’:

Peter went to the shops. I went too.

Peter loves chocolate. I do too.

When something is more than you want:

That sofa is too big.

That sofa is too expensive.

You’re going too far.

When to use to

Any other time you’re using the word ‘to’.

I’ll be showing this blog to my partner…

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