Why don't I get any leads from my website? Advice form Catherine Every, B2B copywriter, Pippin CopywritingWhy don't I get any leads from my website? Advice form Catherine Every, B2B copywriter, Pippin Copywriting

Why don’t I get any leads from my website?

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So, you have a website. The trouble is, you’re not getting any leads from it, or, at least, not as many as you’d like. Here are a few thoughts on possible causes of the problem.

Are you talking to your target audience?

Read your website dispassionately. If you were your target customer, would you buy from you? Does your website content tap into your audience’s pain points and explain how you can help solve them? Do you show your expertise in the form of useful articles or case studies so people can see you’re an expert?

Do you ask for leads?

This might sound silly, but do you actually ask people to get in touch / buy from you? There’s a well-rehearsed copywriting formula called AIDA (AttentionInterestDesire and Action) that takes readers on a journey to wanting to buy. While it’s important you work your way through the first three letters, the fourth is perhaps the most important. The call to action as it’s known is the point where readers become buyers.

Are your calls to action clear and simple?

Again, this might sound silly, but if you do have calls to action, are they clear and simple? I mean this in a visual sense – are links to your contact page bold? Is your phone number prominent? Do the buttons for people to add things to their cart stand out? I also mean this in a linguistic sense. Are your calls to action clear, unambiguous instructions about what to do next – call you, email you etc?

Are there gradations in possible actions?

It might be that your visitors aren’t ready to buy from you yet for some reason. That’s OK – you don’t want to rush them. But equally, you don’t want them to leave and never come back. For that reason, you might want to consider having two levels of action. The first is to get in touch and buy from you. The lower level option is to join your mailing list so you can stay in touch with them until they’re ready to buy. For people to be willing to share their email address with you, you might need to create a lead magnet such as an ebook or white paper that will make it a fair exchange.

Still not sure why you aren’t getting any leads?

If you still aren’t sure why your website isn’t performing as well as you’d like and would like an informed opinion from an outsider, you can book a content audit with me. Let’s see if we can get to the bottom of it together.

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