Why Pippin?

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Whenever I say my company name, I get one of three responses. “That’s nice” is the first one. “Ah, my son / daughter loved Pippin the dog when she / he was growing up” is the second. And “Why?” is the third. And while I like hearing the first answer and thank goodness for Wikipedia when I hear the second, it’s the third that I like answering most.

So. Why Pippin? Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin…

I’d been working for myself part time for nearly eight years. I’d started as a copywriter, hence my company name, EveryWord, but had ended up doing lots of other things too. And while I wanted to carry on copywriting, I also wanted to do lots more of those other things too. Frankly, that meant that EveryWord didn’t cut it any longer.

I started by thinking about names involving my surname (Every is a bit of a nightmare of a name in some ways, but a gift in others). But I couldn’t find anything that worked.

Then I started to think about who my target market would be: small, local, friendly businesses who are proud to be working in Herefordshire, Gloucestershire and Worcestershire. And what do those counties have in common? Apples. That was it! I needed a company name that was also the name of an apple. It would reflect where my clients love living and working and where I love living and working.

So I spent several hours trawling through the internet looking at apple varieties. While fascinating, it was ultimately fruitless (ahem) and nothing jumped out at me.

Finally, inspiration struck while daydreaming my way through a somewhat dull seminar I was attending. (I know, I know, I should have been concentrating and taking notes. In my defence, at least I was awake – the two people either side of me weren’t.) Pippin, as in Cox’s Orange Pippin! And so Pippin Consultancy was born.

When I went back online to find out more about Pippin, I was delighted to find that there wasn’t just the Cox’s Orange Pippin. In fact, lots of apples that originate from our region include Pippin in their name. Here’s a flavour of them:

Berkeley Pippin, Bringewood Pippin, Downton Pippin, Elmore Pippin, King’s Acre Pippin, Morning Pippin, Northland Pippin, Pig’s Nose Pippin, Port Wine Pippin, Prince’s Pippin, Puckrup Pippin, Stoke Edith Pippin, Whiting Pippin, Wormsley Pippin.

Aren’t they great?

So there you have it. That’s the history of the name Pippin Consultancy. What’s the history of your company name?

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