Why sometimes being a marketing expert isn’t enough

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I’ve just been working with Vicki Hewlett. She runs Silver Swan, which sells beef and lamb traditionally reared on the farm that she and her husband own just outside the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire.

Vicki has got marketing experience, so when it came to creating a Silver Swan flyer for the Forest Showcase being held at The Speech House Hotel on 7 October, it should have been easy. But in fact, she was finding it very difficult to write about her own business. I took the copy that Vicki had started and used it as the basis for an A5 flyer for her to use at the Forest Showcase and beyond.

Vicki’s difficulty was one I could sympathise with. Give me a client and I can write enthusiastic, targeted copy about them all day long. But ask me to write positive and nice things about myself and it’s a completely different story.

I have a sneaking suspicion that finding it difficult to write about yourself might be a uniquely female problem. But there are other, universal reasons why writing about your own business is difficult:

  • it’s hard to make the time to write about your business when you’re busy running it
  • it’s hard to be objective and focus on the things that are important to your customers.

Does any of this sound familiar? If it does, the answer to overcoming them might be to get a copywriter on board.

To find out more about Silver Swan, contact Vicki on 07515 255685 or see her at the Forest Showcase on 7 October.

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