Will a newsletter help my marketing? Catherine Every, B2B copywriter, Pippin CopywritingWill a newsletter help my marketing? Catherine Every, B2B copywriter, Pippin Copywriting

Will a newsletter help my marketing?

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As someone who has sent a newsletter on the last working day of every month (apart from in December, because it’s Christmas) since June 2012, I’m a firm believer in the value of newsletters.

If you’re considering one for your business, here are a few reasons why they’re a good idea.

A newsletter demonstrates expertise

A newsletter is a great place to position yourself as the expert in your field. Tips, advice, industry commentary all help show you know exactly what you’re talking about.

A newsletter demonstrates reliability

When you turn up in someone’s inbox or letterbox regular as clockwork, you demonstrate impressive reliability that is reassuring for potential customers.

A newsletter ensures you’re top of mind

A regular newsletter means you’re more likely to be top of mind when your services are needed. After all, isn’t it easier to go to people you already know than starting your search afresh?

A newsletter gives you a chance to build a relationship

A newsletter is an opportunity to show your customers different aspects of your business – team members, behind the scenes activity and so on. By sharing this information you’re building a relationship and building trust.

A newsletter gives you a chance to sell

A newsletter is a great way to add value to your relationship with your target market. It’s value that’s easily diminished if it turns into an out-and-out sales pitch. That said, there’s always opportunity to promote new products, services or developments as long as they don’t start to dominate.

Will a newsletter help your business?

Persuaded to start a newsletter for your business? Accepted that your newsletter is something you need to continue? Either way, if you’d like some copywriting support, get in touch and let’s have a conversation.

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