Who is this copywriting e-course for?

This course is perfect for business owners who love what they do but somehow can’t translate that to paper. It would also be valuable for marketing executives who have copywriting in their job description but get the jitters every time they open Word.

What does this copywriting e-course cover?

On this course you’ll learn how to write copy that appeals to your target market, how to make people want what you’re selling, how to give your writing a professional edge and how to get people to take action.

It’s split into five parts and has over 40 minutes of video content plus practical exercises and downloads for you to work through.

In the first part we look at how the importance of knowing your target market and how to go about getting to know it.

In the second part we look at features and benefits, what they are and why you need to understand them if you want to write successful copy.

In the third part we look at why you need to put a plan together before you pick up a pen or put fingers to keyboard and how to do it.

In the fourth part we look at the structure of good copy and why you need to follow it.

And in the last part, we look at proof reading, how to do it and what happens when you don’t.

Watch the introduction to this e-course

What will you be able to do at the end of this copywriting e-course?

By the end of the course you’ll have a solid foundation of the key copywriting tools you need to write better copy and get better results from your marketing.