Whether it’s a soft sell or a hard sell, it still has to sell

There are two routes to take when it comes to attracting new customers. Both have their pitfalls.

Case studies, white papers, ebooks and blogs help to position you as an expert and a safe pair of hands. But if they are going to be effective, they need to be carefully written so your knowledge and expertise are in evidence in a way your potential customers will understand and value.

Sales letters, emails and brochures are a much more direct form of selling and if you get your mailing list right, you’re almost certain of a solid response rate. But even better responses come when your communication is engagingly written and powerfully communicates why you are the solution the recipient has been seeking.

Of course, all this is easier said than done. Lack of time, lack of energy and lack of inspiration can all conspire to make writing compelling communications nigh on impossible.

I specialise in writing sales materials for businesses and organisations who struggle to translate the brilliance of their product or service into the marketing materials that sell them.

We asked Catherine to review and edit a twenty-four page marketing document. Before looking at the document she took time to understand our business, our ethos and the style of message we were trying to convey. Catherine gave us clear deadlines as to when she was going to do the work by, and kept to these. She was excellent at making the document much more engaging and reader friendly. We had a tendency to include too much detail, and Catherine was able to get the right balance of detail to maintain interest yet still get the key points across. One of the important points things for us was to produce a document that would speak for itself and “sell” the services we offer, without sounding false or like everybody else – Catherine was able to deliver this, and we look forward to working with her again in the future.

Nigel Dolby, Clarity Business Partners

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