Copywriting that gets results

Let’s not be shy. Websites, landing pages, sales emails, sales letters, flyers and leaflets are there to make you money.

But unless they speak clearly and compellingly to their target audience, they’ll always fall short.

That’s where I come in.

I specialise in writing conversion-focused copy that B2B audiences want to read and act on.

So if you want to convert more prospects into customers, increase average order value or generate better quality leads, I can help.

My process

When you work with me on a conversion copywriting project we follow a three stage process with the ultimate goal of getting you the results you want.

Research and discovery

We start with the research and discovery phase. This is where I gather all the data that’s relevant to the project. Market information, target customer information, KPIs, customer feedback, competitor information, website analytics and so much more – everything I need to get to grips with your business, your product or service and where it sits in the market. It’s this information that will inform the copy I write and ensure it speaks clearly and effectively to your target market and delivers the results you want.

Writing and editing

This is the nitty gritty of the project – drafting the copy that will deliver the results. The work we put in during the research and discovery phase means it is likely that the first draft will deliver what is required, but we can discuss and amend until we are completely confident it does the job it needs to.

From there, we will take it into design. Here, I will be on hand to work closely with your design team to make sure that copy and design work together in harmony to deliver maximum impact and maximum returns.

Testing and measuring

This phase happens once the project has been launched. I will work alongside your analytics team to look at user data and explore improvements that will get you even better results. We can make these changes in the live environment or take note to inform future projects, whichever you feel is more appropriate.

We asked Catherine to review and edit a twenty-four page marketing document. Before looking at the document she took time to understand our business, our ethos and the style of message we were trying to convey. Catherine gave us clear deadlines as to when she was going to do the work by, and kept to these. She was excellent at making the document much more engaging and reader friendly. We had a tendency to include too much detail, and Catherine was able to get the right balance of detail to maintain interest yet still get the key points across. One of the important points things for us was to produce a document that would speak for itself and “sell” the services we offer, without sounding false or like everybody else – Catherine was able to deliver this, and we look forward to working with her again in the future.

Nigel Dolby, Clarity Business Partners

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