Is there a piece of marketing you’ve written you’re not sure about?

Maybe you don’t think your website is quite right. Maybe there’s a leaflet you think should be getting better results than it is. Maybe there’s a white paper you’ve written but don’t want to publish until you’re sure it’s the right way to go.

Whatever the piece of marketing material you’re worried about, an audit is the answer.

I’ll look at your content with an objective, expert eye and give you honest, constructive feedback you can use to improve the content and make sure it gets you better results. I’ve got over 15 years’ copywriting experience: I can spot the mistakes that people make and know how to fix them.

A content audit is an intelligent investment that will let you move forward with confidence, focus and direction.

How does the process work?

You can buy your content audit online now – click the button below and check out when you’re ready. Once you’ve purchased your audit you’ll be taken to a page with some questions about your business and the piece of content you’d like me to audit. (You can download them here to give you an insight before you get going if you want).

Your answers help me get into your shoes – and the shoes of your customers – and give you useful, well-informed feedback and advice. It’s important you give me as much detail as you can in your answers – the more information I have the better the audit I can provide.

You send me your answers by email – You can send them in the body of the email or as an attachment in the format that works best for you (Word, PowerPoint, handwritten and scanned in, audio and video are all fine by me, it’s about what is best for you).

As soon as I’ve got both your payment and your answers, I’ll schedule in time to audit your content and email you to confirm when you can expect to receive the results.

What will the audit contain?

Your audit will consist of five sections:

  • the headlines – this is the big picture of your content: is there a clear tone of voice that speaks to your target audience? Does the structure make sense and is information easy to find?
  • the basics – this is the core of your content: are the features and benefits clear? Are there powerful calls to action?
  • the detail – this is the small print: is the spelling and grammar up to scratch? Are there formatting issues that let the content down?
  • the additions and omissions – this looks at the holes: are there opportunities that are being missed? Is there too much or not enough detail?
  • the action points – this is the conclusion that draws together all the advice from the preceding sections into a handy checklist of work required.

There is no obligation to work with me after I’ve carried out the audit, but equally, I’m more than happy to discuss the options and process if you’d like to!