How working with a copywriter works

You’re proud of your business. You do great work and you have a portfolio of successful projects and happy clients. But you also know your business should be bigger and more successful than it is.

You know what the problem is.

You’re an expert in what you do. But you aren’t an expert in telling people what you do.

Your website doesn’t really explain what makes you different and why you’re so valuable to work with. You avoid writing blogs and articles because you struggle to articulate things clearly and concisely. Your marketing literature is either non-existent or just not good enough to get the results you want.

So your business is dependent on referrals and gaining new clients takes much longer than it should.

You’ve been looking into solutions and think a copywriter might be able to help. But you’ve never worked with one before and you have lots of questions about how it could work.

  • How does the process of working with a copywriter work?
  • How do you go about telling someone all about your business so they can write about it?
  • How do you tell them what you need from them?
  • What information will they need before they start?
  • How do you assess their work?
  • And so on
  • And so on

I’ve been freelance copywriting for over 15 years. I specialise in helping B2B businesses and professional service providers like you bring their businesses to life and show the world just how good they are. Their businesses stand out, their prospective clients have more confidence in them and they’re in a position to become the business they know they should be.

I’ve developed a three step process for achieving these results and I’ve documented them in a free download. It’s called How working with a copywriter works. Download it now and you’ll be equipped when you have conversations with copywriters about how they can help you.

You’ll understand:

  • the sort of information they’ll want from you and why
  • the process they’ll follow and why
  • the best way to assess their work and know when they’ve got it right

So if you’re considering working with a copywriter but don’t want to feel in the dark when you’re talking to them, download How working with a copywriter works.