Boost your team’s copywriting skills

I spend much of my time copywriting for people who need an expert who will get the job done. They like the fact they can give me the work and I’ll get it done and get it done well. They like my expert input and proactive approach.

But I also know there are lots of people out there who don’t want to outsource their copywriting but they do want expert advice on how to give it a professional edge. There are lots of marketing executives for whom copywriting is an essential part of the job description – they just feel a bit all at sea when they start.

If that sounds like you, my copywriting workshops are for you.

I have three ‘ready-made’ courses that I can tailor to your exact requirements. If you or your team could do with a bit of guidance on another copywriting subject, get in touch and let’s discuss what you need.

How to write better copy

Learn how to write copy that appeals to your target market, how to make people want what you’re selling, how to give your writing a professional edge and how to get people to take action.

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How to write good web copy

Learn how to structure a website effectively, how to use keywords so people can find you in the first place, how to write copy that works on the web and how to get people to take action before they leave.

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How to write a good case study

Learn how to turn the plain facts of a project into a compelling piece of marketing that demonstrates your expertise, your professionalism and your quality.

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